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Axis for Business: Five Signs You Should Fire an Employee

To ensure no problem employees cause your small business’ bottom line to dip, this week Axis for Business reveals five signs you should fire an employee.

A Balancing Act

Because Axis for Business is an independent energy and telecoms provider, who strives to ensue real value for money for small businesses across the UK, we understand how important it is for SME’s to save money.

Therefore, the question of whether to fire an employee is always a tricky one. On the one hand, staff turnover is extremely costly for a modest company with limited funds. On the other, an employee isn’t adding value to the company is just as much of a drain.

Look for the Following Five Signs

This means it’s a balancing act, and you need to know when firing an employee will do less harm than good to your accounts. Start by looking for the following five signs from a problem employee…

1)      They’re Consistently Late: Not only does this indicate a lack of commitment and discipline, but that they are not justifying the money you’re paying for them. A consistently late employee should be a gone employee.

2)      They’re Always Starting Arguments: Office harmony is vital to profitability, because it promotes communication and team work. If an employee is always starting arguments, they are indirectly wreaking havoc on your bottom line. The only way to solve this is to get rid of the problem; the employee who is causing so many arguments.

3)      They’re Producing Sub-Standard Work: This one speaks for itself. An employee who is producing sub-standard work costs more, since you have to pay to bring their work up to scratch. Invest in a new employee, to reap the benefits of a productive office long-term.

4)      They’re Consistently Disrespectful: Everyone has their bad days, and you shouldn’t punish people for it. However, when a pattern of disrespect towards superiors emerges, it hampers the latter’s ability to lead. Leadership is vital to any SME’s success, so you need to protect it and fire the employee in question.

5)      Customers are Complaining about Them A Lot: This one should be a red flag. Keeping an employee who generates high complaints volumes is professional suicide; as they’re only bound to facilitate more. Dump them now, to safeguard your bottom line.

The Problem is When the Rule Becomes the Exception

It really is important to remember this is a balancing act. No employee is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. However when those mistakes become the rule, not the exception, hiring a new employee would do less damage to your bottom line, than keeping the one you currently have. It’s time to let them go.

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