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Axis for Business Slashes Fiber Optic Broadband Price

This week, Axis for Business announces that in order to continue to help small businesses across the UK save money on their utilities bills, we have slashed our fiber optic broadband price to £12.50 a month.

Axis for Business, the Independent Energy and Telecoms Provider

Axis for Business is an independent energy and telecoms provider, who strive to bring competitively priced services of the highest quality to small businesses throughout the UK. As such, Axis is constantly finding new ways to help you save money on your energy and telecoms bills, so that you can use those savings to expand your business and bump up your profit margins.

Which is why this week, Axis for Business has decided to reduce the price of our fiber optic broadband. This broadband package now costs a mere £12.50 per month, and offers a cost effective 40MB download speed.

We Want to Help Small and Medium Sized Businesses Save Money

We have decided to put this price reduction in place with one aim in mind. That aim is to ensure that small and medium sized businesses, which are those who most benefit from moves such as this, will be able to reap the advantages of cheaper fiber optic broadband. Specifically, we can reveal that this move will actually save small and medium sized businesses £75 on their bills, simply by taking the initiative and switching to Axis’ broadband service.

Axis’ managing director, David Meyers, has recently spoken out on the move.  Meyers said that: “Axis for Business has been providing the best value telecoms and utilities to businesses in the UK for over 10 years. We constantly promote different offers to new customers to help them save on business running costs.”

Axis for Business Provides Value for Money on Fiber Optic Broadband

The offer naturally comes with conditions. It is subject to a minimum contract of 12 months, and with a one-off £30 connection fee for the first bill. For this, companies will also be provided with a free wireless router, further showing why switching to Axis for Business for your fiber optic broadband is sure to provide even more value for money for your small company in the weeks and months ahead.

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