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Axis for Business: Five Ways to Reduce Office Smartphone Costs

If you provide your employees with smartphones, then read on, as this week Axis for Business reveals five ways to reduce office smartphone costs.

Mobile Solutions Can Lead to Big Savings

A truly independent energy and telecoms supplier, Axis for Business prides itself on making sure the businesses we work for save money. That is why we supply mobile solutions for business users, which can lead to significant savings.

In the modern era, when you are choosing to equip your employees with a mobile to make them competitive in the market place, there’s only one option to go for; the smartphone. With its array of never ending apps, a smartphone has the capability to give your employees the ability to use mobile technology to lift your bottom line.

Use These Five Tips to Reduce Employee Smartphone Costs

Nevertheless, the technology that makes a smartphone so effective, can make it expensive, which is why it’s always a good idea to implement initiatives to reduce office smartphone costs. Axis for Business would suggest you start with the following five:

1)      Close Down All Apps After Use: One of the biggest costs a smartphone incurs is when its battery goes down. Not only do you have to recharge it, but if you overuse it, then you have to replace it, costing more money. Therefore, you should encourage employees to always close down apps after they use them as they can really drain the battery

2)      Reduce the Brightness: Another way to save battery is to get employees to look at how bright their screens are. The brighter it is, the quicker the battery runs down, which is why turning the brightness down will save you money on your employees’ smartphone usage.

3)      Switch to Battery Saving: The final way to make your battery last longer has been specifically provided for your employees. Smartphones come equipped with a ‘battery saving’ option, that is designed to make the battery life stretch further.

4)      Hook up to Office Wi-Fi: In the office you’re paying for Wi-Fi anyway, so you might as well use it so that employees don’t have to use 3G and use up data, as when you go over your phone’s data limit, you pay extra for internet.

5)      Look for Free Apps: OK, there are some business related apps that your employees need which you will have to pay for, however you should look for a free alternative wherever you can to ensure you save money on your office smartphone bills.

It’s Entirely Possible to Save Money on Smartphones

This week, Axis for Business asks you to remember that it’s entirely possible to save money on your employees’ smartphones, and doing so will go a long way to making sure that your small business has the funds it needs to remain profitable.


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