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Axis Telecom’s Five Ways to Save Money on the Office Heating Bill

With winter fast approaching, this week Axis for Business lets you know five ways you can save money on your office heating bill.

Winter is Fast Approaching

As a truly independent energy and telecoms provider, Axis Telecoms aims to provide small businesses throughout the UK true value for money on their energy and telecoms.

Which is why this week, we turn our attention to your office heating bill. After experiencing the coldest August in 100 years, UK small businesses are heading for winter, and winter means higher heating bills.

Five Office Heat Saving Tips from Axis for Business

Yet it is entirely possible to efficiently provide a warm working environment without running up the heating bill. In Axis for Business’ experience, there are at least five ways to do so, including…

1)      Putting the Heating on Timer: By keeping the heating on at times when no one is in the office, you are wasting money. That is why if you want to keep the office heating bill down, you should put it on a timer, so you are only generating heat when you actually need it.

2)      Keeping Doors and Windows Closed: Businesses lose money daily in winter by keeping their doors and windows unnecessarily open. This allows heat to escape, meaning you must pay more to ensure that the office is adequately heated. That is why it’s always a good idea to keep doors and windows closed to help keep the heating bill down.

3)      Using Energy Efficiently: One way to save money on the heating bill is to ensure that the energy you do use is used efficiently.  If you are making a round of hot drinks, for example, ensure that employees only boil enough water for that round, to make sure you aren’t paying to heat excess water.

4)      Promoting Heat Saving Initiatives: These tips will be impotent if employees aren’t encouraged to see them though. That is why it’s always a wise idea to incentivise employees to help you keep heating costs low through the promotion of heat saving initiatives.

5)      Finding the Right Energy Supplier: One of the best ways to keep the office heating bill down is to reduce the amount you are paying for energy by switching to a low cost energy supplier such as Axis for Business.

Keep Your Office Heating Bill Low This Winter

Whilst heating your work space throughout the winter can inflict damage on your company’s office expenditure, with these five tips from Axis for Business, you can keep your office heating bill under control this winter.