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Axis for Business’s Top Five Energy Saving Tips for Small Businesses

This week Axis for Business helps you save money on your energy bills, with these top five energy saving tips for small businesses.

A Truly Independent Telecoms and Energy Supplier

Founded in 2001, Axis for Business is the telecoms and energy supplier who is able to bring competitively priced services to a range of businesses across the UK, because we work on an independent basis.

Part of the reason we have grown to become a UK market leader, is because we work to ensure that our  customers get value for money, which is why we’re always looking for ways to help you save money.

The Axis for Business’s Top Five Tips

Whatever type or size of business you have, you will spend a significant amount of money on your energy bill. However, you really don’t have to, not with the following top five energy saving tips for small businesses from Axis Telecoms:

1)      Restrict Use of Air Con: Air-con can skim hundreds of pounds a year off your profit margins if you don’t restrict its use in the hot summer months. Make sure you turn it off at night, and wait until the hottest time of the day (usually the afternoon) to turn it on.

2)      Switch to Energy Saving Light Bulbs: Cut down your electricity bill by installing energy saving light bulbs throughout the office; they’ve been known to cost up to 80% less than standard bulbs.

3)      Maximise Use of Laptops: Most companies keep laptops plugged in at the mains, and this can drain electricity and hike up the bill; why not try requiring your employees to rely on the laptop’s battery, only plugging it into the mains when they need to? It’s sure to drive down your energy bills.

4)      Promote Energy Saving: You’d be surprised how easy it is for employees to get into the habit of saving energy, when you promote energy saving in the office. Try putting up posters and incentive’s for employees who help your company save energy to get them excited about helping you cut down the company energy bill.

5)      Generate Your Own Energy:  Increasingly, small businesses are turning to installing renewable energy measures i.e. solar panels, which save money, because they allow you to generate your own energy, rather than relying on the energy companies.

You don’t have to let energy drain your profit margins; just install a few energy saving measures throughout the office, and turn to Axis for Business to keep your energy bill down for good.


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