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Five Ways to Save Money on the Office Christmas Party

With that time of the year rolling around once again, this week Axis for Business reveals five ways to save money on the office Christmas party.

Motivating Employees on a Shoestring Budget

As an independent supplier of energy and telecoms to small businesses across the UK, Axis for Business understands how difficult it is for SME decision makers to spur employee motivation on a shoestring budget.

The office Christmas party is an event which is anticipated by every single member of your staff roster. Fail to throw one, and they could break out in revolt. Spend too much on the affair, and you could deprive your company of the vital capital it needs to thrive.

Throw a Christmas Party to Remember With These Five Tips

The trick is to find ways to throw an office Christmas party to remember whilst keeping costs down. Here are five tips destined to help you do exactly that…

  • Throw it in Your Office: You don’t need to hire out a fancy restaurant to have a good time. Throw the party in the comfort of your own office, and your bottom line is sure to benefit from the money you’ll save on hiring out a posh venue.


  • Go Buffet: You can’t exactly put on a three course meal in your office. Go for a buffet instead, and you’ll find that decent quality finger food will cost you far less than a slap up meal, as you can take advantage of a range of supermarkets party food deals to buy supplies for less.


  • Embrace Spotify: Have you seen how much a DJ charges? These days, every office computer has Spotify, and you can use it to make a killer playlist for your Christmas do. Price of Spotify – nothing – although you’ll have to put up with a few adverts along the way.


  • Bring Your Own Bottle: Would you go to a house party without following the sacred ‘bring your own bottle’ rule? No, and the same should prove true for an office Christmas party. Ask your employees to bring a bottle each, and you’ll reduce the – sometimes exorbitant – cost of supplying alcohol to your party. Plus that way, everyone’ll have their favourite tipple to hand.


  • Arrange it at Night: Employee time is precious. Don’t waste it by throwing them a party when they should be working. Arrange it at night, so you still receive maximum investment for the capital you plough into funding employee wage slips.

All That Matters

In the end, all that really matters is that everyone has a good time and enjoys themselves at any Christmas do. You don’t need to blow capital and damage your firm’s capital just to throw an office Christmas party.