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Numbers Indicate UK Small Business Outsourcing Jobs

Axis for Business has learned that the latest figures have suggested that small companies are rushing to outsource jobs to the developing world.

Axis for Business Helps Small Businesses Keep Their Costs Low

At Axis for Business, we realise that small businesses need to trim costs in order to survive. As a low cost, independent energy and telecoms provider, we seek to help small businesses keep their costs low by providing them with competitively priced services.

That is why this news does not surprise us in the least. Large firms commonly outsource tasks to keep costs down. The emergence of technology that has led to a more connected international market place means that it is easier than ever for small businesses to follow suit.

Freelancer Survey reveals that More UK Small Companies are Outsourcing Jobs

According to This is Money, a recent survey by Freelancer has shown that there has been a rise in the number of jobs being outsourced by small companies in the UK to the developing world. Furthermore, the research revealed that 43% of those companies surveyed expect to offer more work to foreign freelancers next year.

The figures have shown that most of these jobs have been outsourced to India, Pakistan and the Philippines. However, they also went on to suggest there has been a 20% rise in the number of UK small companies outsourcing jobs to China; the largest growing economy in the world.

Why Are UK Small Businesses Outsourcing Work?

This is Money reported that Freelancer’s European director, Bill Little commented on the data.  Little said that “small firms in the UK are looking to send work overseas to cut costs but also to increase their own capacity. Rather than turning away contracts for work, they are taking it on and outsourcing it for less abroad to boost profits.”

Little went on to suggest that: “A majority of small businesses have realised that rather than ignore work that they can’t do themselves they can outsource it. They are getting in expertise that may not have otherwise been available to them to hire. Small firms are also outsourcing more because the growth in specialist sites gives them confidence and protection. With freelances reviewed for the quality of their services and payment systems ensuring security, small businesses are now able to manage a diverse workforce with project management systems.”

Why Should UK Small Business’ Invest in Outsourcing?

Little’s words underscore why small businesses should outsource work in order to save money on their bottom lines. In the modern world, outsourcing work is a valuable method of cutting costs and maximising their own capacity. This ensures that small businesses are able to devote their capital to growing their operations and protecting profit.