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Providing Better Customer Service

To help you save money on your small businesses bottom line, this week Axis Telecoms lets you know how to provide better customer service.

A Slighted Customer is a Disloyal Customer

As an independent energy and telecoms provider, which looks to help small businesses save money on their bills, Axis Telecoms understands the need to save money wherever you can when you are at the head of an SME.

That is why we want to turn our attention to customer service. What typically happens when a customer is greeted by ineffective service? They feel as though their custom isn’t valued. Slighted customers tend to leave, costing you money and damaging your businesses bottom line.

Five Tips to Improve Your Customer Service

If you are dealing with ineffective customer service practises costing you money, read on, as Axis Telecoms suggests you implement the following five tips to provide more effective customer service…

1)      Get Your Employees to Be Polite: Improving your customer service begins with simply getting your employees into the habit of being polite in the office. After all, there’s a reason so many learn through repetition; it works!

2)      Find out What Your Customers Think: How are you ever going to know how to improve your customer service, if you don’t know where you’re going wrong? That’s why it’s really useful to set up a feedback page on your company website, that way, you have specific issues you can act on and improve.

3)      Deter Your Employees: Sometimes, fear really is the way to get your employees to do what needs to be done. That is why sometimes, the best way to improve customer service is to warn employees that sub-standard service will not be accepted.

4)      Promote Listening: Often, customer service is sub-standard because staff are not hearing what the customers are really saying, meaning they cannot adequately address their concerns. That is why one way to improve customer service is to promote listening exercises in the office.

5)      Practise: Ultimately, you only become skilled in something when you practise it, which is why the best way to improve customer service, is simply to get your employees to do it over and over and over again until they’ve got it down pat.

Never Stop Trying to Improve Customer Service

Once you’ve tried these tips, and seen that they improve the standard of your company’s customer service, Axis Telecoms would remind you that you need to stay vigilant. Only through constantly looking to improve your customer service, can you ensure it remains of a high standard in the long term.