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Axis For Business: UK Broadband Speeds Not Fit for Business

Axis for Business has discovered that a business lobby group has suggested that UK broadband speeds are not fast enough for small businesses.

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We have watched as Broadband – often named the fourth utility – has become essential to modern small business owners, which is why we know that broadband speeds are vital to helping small businesses in this country make a profit; but are the UK’s broadband speeds fast enough?

UK Broadband Speeds Are Not Fast Enough

Not according to business lobby group, The Federation of Small Business (FSB).The BBC has reported that the group has recently suggested that the government’s broadband target pales in comparison to other nations. They then went on to call for a new target of 10Mbps (Megabits per second) for all homes and businesses by 2018/2019. This would rise to 100Mbps by 2030.

An FSB report into the current state of broadband in this country concluded that “If small businesses are to thrive and prosper and contribute to a growing economy, they need universal access to what is now considered the fourth utility.”

The report specifically found that 94% of small business owners, consider a reliable internet connection as essential to their success, whilst only 15% said they are satisfied with their broadband and an astounding 45,000 small businesses throughout the UK are still working with dial-up speeds.

Weak Broadband Speeds Are Holding Back Business Growth

FSB Chairman, John Allan went on to comment: “The fact that we have around 45,000 businesses still on dial-up is unacceptable and many more throughout the country, even in London, are receiving poor service.”

Allan then said: “Evidence from our members shows this clearly is a problem affecting all corners of the UK, rural areas and cities alike. While progress has been made with the residential market, businesses have not enjoyed the same benefits, which is holding back their growth.”

Axis for business presents John Allan

FSB Chairman, John Allan

At Axis for Business, we believe that FSB have made a valid point. In this day and age, we need effective broadband to ensure that our small businesses are able to compete at the international level, and to do that, this country needs faster broadband speeds.